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Top notch and can not wait to go again

Groupon Client


Wonderful, wonderful lady we saw! This was my 14 year old daughter's first massage and she made it fabulous!

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Wonderful relaxing time with a massage therapist who really knew what she was doing

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Exceptional Massage. An expert in her field!

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Jody provides the best massage ever! I would highly recommend giving Trinity Therapeutic Massage of Boise a try. You will not be sorry!

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Congratulations on your location, and longevity as a quality care provider

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Excellent. It is now the regular place I go for massage. Also, I bought a gift certificate for my husband

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Jody is a highly trained and professional. The 90 min Hot Stone massage was total Bliss. The stones melted away the tension leaving me in a state of complete relaxation. The spa is very clean with top of the line supplies. I'm looking forward to my next scheduled appointment.

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Thank you for the the amazing experience, I am looking forward to other groupon opportunities with you.

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I've had alot of massages throughout my life. Trinity Therapeutic massage was very unique; it was very gentle & smoothing, yet it still relaxed my muscles. My muscles felt like they were melting away, which is a big difference in the usual massage (where they dig into you). I also loved how certain areas that aren't usually paid attention to were treated during this massage (scalp, face, extra attention on feet). I've had many issues with back pain as well since I have a pelvic misalignment, & even though the massage was super soothing & gentle, as soon as I came off the table after my massage, I felt a huge "POP" & my back is so much better after that! That's something I've never gotten from other massage therapists! Thank you

Groupon Client


“The level of service at Trinity Therapeutic Massage is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by Jody's professionalism and knowledge.. Thank you!”



“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. Trinity Therapeutic Massage was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”



I came to massage later than most, in my middle sixties.  Although I had kept to a rigorous and consistent work out regimen for 30 years and had also worked my way into a regular Yoga practice, I still had issues.  My lower back had a mind of its own, and the mild arthritis in my hands had found its way to that place. 


My wife suggested massage and directed me to the spa location where her hair stylist worked.  There were several therapists working there and I went with the luck of the draw.  It must have been my day because Jody came into my life and was an important part of my wellness regimen for several years.  When she and her family moved several hundred miles away, because of her dedication to her clients, she made it a point to travel every month back to Denver to take care of us.  I knew the day would come when she could no longer take care of us and her family at the same time, when those of us here were so far away. 


Jody’s touch and technique are a special gift to her and her clients.  I never left a session without a smile of euphoria.  Of course, I have had to find a new therapist and she has done well by me.  AND, she is not Jody.  Maybe it would be easier if my first massage experience had not been with the best.  If I am passing through the Boise area, you can be sure that a session with Jody will be number 1 on my list.



Evan Lasky

Denver, CO


I have experienced different kinds of massage therapy with Jody and have had great results each and every time.  For a relaxing overall massage, she is superb.  When I injured my tail bone and was in excruciating pain, she helped me so tremendously that I was quickly on the road to recovery.  Jody really knows what she’s doing!!!”


Best Regards,



Denver, CO


I have been a client of Jody's for several years. I have never had a massage therapist care more about my health and wellbeing like she does. She really cares and is excellent at what she does. Thank you for giving me back my health with no pain.



Denver, CO


Congratulations again on your move to Boise. With the start of your new massage business, I am excited and pleased for the people of Boise and more than a little jealous! They're in for a real treat!

  I do so miss my massage time with you. The hour always left me with a sense of inner peace and of course looking forward to the next massage! It's a very long way to go (Boise),so I hope to see you again soon in Colorado. Much success

Sincerely Yours,

C. Moss September 2011


Can't say enough about the quality of service I have received with Jody Tulloch. She knows exactly what is wrong with me every time. She has magic hands. I have not been able to find a replacement for her, so unfortunately I just don't get massage anymore. Please come back to Colorado!


Amy D.


Centennial, CO



Jody is AWESOME!!! One of the best massages i have ever had


Rocky O.


Denver, CO



Jody is great. With just a few minutes, my headache was gone.


Annita B.


Meridian, ID





















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